Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Say No to Virus !

Computer viruses are programs written in any programming language. The intention behind making virus is not good. Some virus just infects the specific file without causing any harm to it. While other makes the file corrupt or some viruses are made to replicate themselves in your hard disk thus occupying more and more hard disk space. Some are extremely harmful to pc means the infects files and causes as much as harm they are designed to do. While others just remain in PC without much interference to system files. 

The remedy for such type of virus infection is Anti-Virus. There are many anti-viruses available on market. Some are freely available while some are paid. Free anti-viruses are available on internet. While for some you have purchase them. They are available in computer shops. Most of the anti-virus comes with free internet updates. Which means that to update them you have to connect to the internet and rest anti-virus does itself. So tip for keeping your PC safe and upto date, just install a good anti-virus and keep it updated. Which will protect your PC from viruses present on internet, Spyware, Malware, Trojans.

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