Monday, July 7, 2008

Computers At Work

Computers now days have become a necessity, children have computers in there schools. Some good schools teaches computers to their students in early classes. This is good for building their basic fundamental stones. Basically in most of the schools uses computers for creative drawing like using paintbrush, teaching alphabets with sound and graphics. There are many CD-ROM’s available in market which are made for small children which help in improving their spelling power, picture identification, learning poems and lot more. 

Many of us have computer at home or at office. Computers are popular as now days most of people have it at home. But home computers are generally used for emailing, chatting, watching movies and for learning purpose. The actual use of computers has yet to be discovered. Computers in departments like Defense, ISRO and Weather prediction are the major places where its maximum potential is utilized. 

Now days the prices of computers are coming to lower day by day. The latest technologies which enters reduces the price of its previous edition. You can find computer as low as below the 15K mark and highest at about 25K. These estimated prices are for desktop computers. Floppy disk drives are things which have now disappeared from the normal PC configuration as PEN Drives have comes popular. Since PEN drives are handy the main advantage about Pen drive is that they does not gets damage as floppies used to while using them. You can use Pen drives for a longer duration as long it remains in your pocket. The one dis-advantage is their size being small in size, have a fear of falling while in transit.

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